Buy and download the full feature documentary with additional commentary tracks.

*The film + three additional audio versions consisting of three separate commentary tracks between the writer & director. Over 5 hours total runtime.

There are many layers to what the film will show you, making it worth watching multiple times over extended periods so we of course suggest the purchase option.


"Essential viewing."

“A treat for the soul. Heartening to see the human adventure articulated with such sublime words and images.”

“It’s just so rich and full. So many treasures in this film. I keep watching certain scenes over and over.”

"Impactful & Touching."

“I missed 90% of what is occurring on the first viewing. On the fourth viewing, I’m starting to appreciate the substance and magic.”

"We are treated to a barrage of esoteric symbolism that had my finger on the pause button taking in all those pages upon pages of symbols and glyphs."

"Incredible craftsmanship at every level."

"Inspiring. Poetic. Deep."

"The transmutation team have given the world a stunningly beautiful film that's overflowing with esoteric riches that may take the viewer years to excavate and unfold." 

"I'm blown away." 

"An abundance of ancient and contemporary wisdom has been compressed into transmutation that it feels like a film that will stay with us for a very long time, and as we change, it's secrets will unlock as we find those keys within ourselves."


"With so much being conveyed I never once felt overwhelmed or bombarded by its sheer density of information. It's a film that breaths even though we are being transported through various timelines and landscapes as the images flee off the screen."

“Spoke to a deep part of me."

"A real achievement from real independent artists. I cannot thank you guys enough.”
"The directing, the writing, the photography, the editing and especially the music all struck a very emotional chord."

"You'll want to watch it over and over."